My First Call, First Post!


Hey ladies & gents! Welcome welcome to my blog! Basically it’s anything regarding Life (all of it’s random goodness), Love (kind of in the romantic sense but also things I love like food, my cats, and Netflix), and finally Medical Gloves (whether they’re in my pockets, purse, or on my hands at work (Military or Civilian), I’ll have something to say about it as they do go through a lot!). I’m not the best author, but bear with me as there are plenty of shenanigans to be experienced. So… Enjoy 🙂

It’s ironic that this is my first post because I got back from my first call about a half an hour ago. For reasons regarding HIPAA (patient privacy), I can’t disclose details but I can tell you about what I thought about it! Sweet Brown up there, the lovely lady in the picture between the captions, describes my face when the medic tells me “Oh, we got a call.” and when my pager serenades me with the sound of my people (BEEBEEBEEBEEBEEBEEBEEBEEBEEEEEEP!).

Normally, when I’m just about anywhere and I hear an ambulance go by, I think and sometimes say out loud, “Man, what I would give to be in that ambulance right now”. No, silly, not as a patient. I’d still have to clarify if I ever said that out loud and get weird looks from friends or whoever I’m around. Any of my friends who’ve been around me when I’ve said this or zoned out mid-conversation to look longingly at the ambulance zooming by can attest to this.

As I was sitting in the ambulance with the lights, sirens, and casual talk about where the call was, I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was. I was also freaking out a little bit thinking, “Oh my God, this could be literally anything…Cardiac Arrest, Trauma/Fall…”as the page to us was pretty vague so it left a lot to the imagination. (Cue Rookie EMT Scenario Wheel). I also found myself saying a prayer for the patient we were going to help and for the crew, as I genuinely wanted my first call to not be an extremely serious one. Although, I was really excited to do what I saw on the shows I used to watch on TV like Boston Trauma, NY Med, and ER (Yay 90’s). Whether it was taking blood pressure, getting an IV started, or just talking with the patient, I wanted to have that experience and make an impact in someone’s life. Hell, the other EMT and I were even discussing our cats with the patient (…seeing theirs made me miss mine LOL). In the end, I’m definitely a rookie, by all means. Not so much incompetent, but new to the way this company works and it’s exciting. I’m really looking forward to learning more with this crew and I gotta say, I’m awfully lucky to be working with them (they’re literally SO brilliant and very kind teachers). Can’t wait to see what more adventures lie ahead in this field. If I’m this excited with civilian medical work, I can only imagine how excited I’ll be doing military medical work.

Toodaloo for now!


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