LOL Basic….Training.

Hello humans 🙂

I feel like I’m getting married or something. Everyone so far who knows when I’m leaving and such has asked me “Ooooh, your date’s coming up, are you excited?” My response is usually that I’m pretty friggin’ amped to go to basic (mostly). I think the best way to sum up my feelings and tidbits about life in basic training is to put each item into “Things I’m Looking Forward To” & “Things I’m NOT Looking Foraward To”. Here goes!

Things I’m Looking Forward To… (Might forget some but I’m sure there’s more that I just forgot).

  1. Three square meals a day!
  2. Every facet of my life being planned out for me!
  3. Badass Activities!
  4. Being forced to exercise daily (YAY Habit Creation)!
  5. Not feeling the need to put makeup on or do my hair in anything besides a bun. (Easy-peasy!)
  6. Getting #gainz… (LOL PT related again).
  7. Graduating!
  8. Making new friends!
  9. Handwriting letters! ❤
  10. Doing Combat Lifesaving Stuff.
  11. MUD.
  12. Getting a battle buddy!
  13. MORE MUD.
  14. Nicer facilities….than the other branches (LOL).
  15. Laughing at the “cold” weather.
  16. Laughing at everyone else who doesn’t have a 20 min bus ride to their Tech School.
  17. Not needing to check social media, e-mails, or any technology!

Things I’m NOT Looking Forward To…(Again, might forget some).

  1. Leaving Home.
  2. Missing my cats.
  3. Missing Netflix.
  4. Missing Ranch Dressing on Everything.
  5. Dorm Drama.
  6. Being Gassed.
  7. Being forced to exercise daily #NAFStatus
  8. Having to drink copious amounts of water. Yay Hydration.
  9. Feeling like an AB at Encampment all over again (CAP people get this).
  10. Losing control of my tear ducts when I see my mom at graduation (Shameless).
  11. Having to plan stuff in my life out again.
  12. My newfangled friends leaving to go all over the place.
  13. Being yelled at (Yes, I know it’s their job & No, I’m not going to cry).
  14. Goggles… (Ya know…)
  15. Bombardment of notifications on all forms of social media and technology.
  16. Not being able to have hotdish or Caribou.
  17. Can’t remember what else! LOL

There’s a lot coming up, but I’m feeling really good about it! I’m planning on handwriting a blog entry every week I’m there and posting them all on here when I have access to the internet again after basic so I can keep people informed! Yay! I’ll be sure to post more before I leave so keep your eyes open for more 🙂 Thanks for reading!



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