An Open Letter To My EMT Teachers

Warning: Sappy/Serious Post!

I figure it was time to show my appreciation to my EMT instructors from OEC how much their teachings have helped me with this job while I process a very sad milestone in my developing medical career.

To My Favorites,

It’s hard to find the right words for things like this because a lot of the time, in school at least, the things we learn almost never seemed to apply to our daily lives. Our future lives. Little did I know that I’d be using every single ounce of the information and knowledge you’d pass onto my classmates and I one day. Not to mention telling us to get in there an use our hands to learn as opposed to just using a book. Learning from a book couldn’t have taught us all we needed to know. For being teachers that taught outside the box, I couldn’t be more grateful.

Little did I know (or really imagine) that I’d end up having to use the CPR skills you taught me on someone. I didn’t see the day I’d have to use the skills you taught me about dealing with death on and off the scene, from pulling the blanket over them to reaching out to loved ones for comfort and support. Finally, I didn’t see the day where I’d feel my heart shatter and come back together again so I could use every ounce of compassion and empathy I have to help a struggling family. To console them, hold their hands and hold them as they cried, while trying to keep my own composure to be strong for them. It used a lot more of my heart and soul than I could’ve ever thought. Seeing people at their most vulnerable states, and their reaching out to me and allowing me to see them this way was one of the biggest hallmarks of trust in my career (in my opinion). It’s more surprising to think that all of these things can and do come together all in one scene.

I want you all to know that this was more than JUST a class, it was really a crash course on life. Having passion and confidence in your work; using every ounce of your heart’s compassion, love and empathy to be there for people during their best, worst, and even last moments of their lives; being professional when warranted, having a positive attitude, challenging yourself to become better and take initiative for the goals and desires you have, do what makes you happy and cherish every nanosecond of your life with the people you hold dear. All of this while laughing and loving all the moments you encounter, knowing that at any point and in a flash, it all could end. Not to mention putting your damn phone down or computer away here and there, and actually talking to people for a change. In relation to these lessons (both work and life related), I pray that everyone reading this can find that same feeling I have for my jobs. I remember you guys all saying (not exactly these words) that loving what you do, despite it’s good and bad days, and choosing a field where you don’t have to work a day in your life can keep anyone from “burning out”. I know there’s a helluva lot of “life” and “little did I know” being said and I know how cliche it sounds. I’m saying it because we need to cherish life so we can TRULY LIVE FULLY and we sure as hell don’t know as much as we think we do. You also taught me this.

Getting the jobs I have now (4 to be exact. 2 in the cities, Air Force, and the Ambulance Service) couldn’t have happened without the skills and knowledge to do my job, but also the passion you instilled in me to go out there, look, and work my tail off for it. I’m sure there might be days where you feel like you aren’t getting through to anyone and no one seems to care, whether it’s people on their phones, not paying attention, or goofing around in the back of the class. Please know that you’ve gotten through to more of us than you may know and you are making a difference in a lot of our lives whether you see it or not.  Every lesson you all teach, from asking questions about anything and jumping in hands first so we can learn to public speaking or teaching classes (& everything in between), can be applied in and out of medicine in every aspect of life.

You are making a huge difference in the lives of the kids who choose to listen to people smarter and wiser than them. The passion and love for the work I do and the people I serve wasn’t something you taught, but something I chose to emulate because you all had it and I wanted it.

Be safe, don’t drink the punch and wear your seat belt even in the back! (PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY) ❤

With Much Love,

Your Passionate Graduate ❤



One thought on “An Open Letter To My EMT Teachers”

  1. The first is always the hardest and it never really seems to get easier, the truly hard ones are when kids are involved. Find your own way to deal with it BUT don’t ever bottle it up!


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