Happy New Year(‘s Eve) Ya Filthy Animals

In light of ringing in the New Year in roughly 16.5 hours, my cold, and not being able to sleep in past 8am, I figured I’d share a little “Year in Review” type of thing! I had a feeling that 2015 was going to be a struggle and a half but, I’ll be honest, it was Double Trouble with an extra dash of Struggle! Don’t get me wrong though, the year was good and bad in it’s own ways but I learned A LOT about myself. So I guess you could say that this year was more so a metamorphosis, a cocoon, transforming me into Arden 2.0 (maybe?). Bear with me, as I feel like I’m typing a Christmas card letter. LOL

The beginning of the year was pretty typical, I was just starting Spring Semester at Winona State and all  was fine and dandy with school, sorority, and life! I started a CNA job around March (which I ended up absolutely hating and quitting) and that’s when I started to question if Nursing was right for me. Now, I’m not basing Nursing off of CNA work (as it’s been drilled into my head that being a CNA is nothing like being a Nurse), but seeing the nurses I worked with actually worried me. They were all fairly burnt out and I couldn’t feel any sort of love or compassion from them being directed to the residents which killed me. So I changed my major 3 times in a semester, which I thought was out of the norm for me, but I found that I didn’t know what I actually wanted. I was originally Nursing, changed to Athletic Training, changed back to Nursing, and finally landed on Pre-Med/Cell & Molecular Biology! My last change was made over the summer. Summer was fabulous in Winona! I loved it so much & with all the people I hung out with/met (including my wonderful boyfriend), it was definitely a summer to remember. ❤

August was definitely the most eventful month! I finally got my EMT and I was throwing applications at ambulance services all over SE Minnesota and even ventured into Wisconsin. However, just after my birthday, circumstances arose where I couldn’t attend school in the fall. I sought out scholarships, grants, special programs, even work, and none of these options ended up resulting in my favor which sucked, but as anyone who knows me knows that I’m no quitter. My last and final option was to start the enlistment process in the Air Force Reserve as a 4N0X1 (Basically Ground Medic). For the next 2 months starting in toward the end of August it was a lot of driving back & forth, meetings, paperwork, e-mails, hurry-up-&-wait and I was finally able to process through MEPS at the end of August and finally enlist on the 1st of October. I gotta say, I couldn’t be more thankful for my support system (family & friends in Winona, home, and sorority) through this time as it was challenging to wrap my head around the commitment I’ve made and I wished more than anything I could still be in school, and they all knew that. It was devastating for me to realize the need to take the year off for school, but it was okay because I knew that I’d be back again soon!

This fall was a pretty good time since I just worked and hung out with friends here and there, and even went on an adventure to North Carolina for the USMC Birthday Ball (which was bomb AF and I met some kickass people, so S/O to you peeps & I love and miss you lots ❤ ). Everyone was busy with classes so I’d spend the first part of the week finding stuff to do and the last part of the week working at a golf club as a waitress. Of course, one weekend a month, I’d commute up to Ft. Snelling for my drill weekends, but it’s been a pretty good time so far. It brings me back 6 years ago when I was a teenier & tinier little Airman Basic in Civil Air Patrol, which kind of weirded me out a bit, but it was nice getting some review and solid training before leaving for basic.

In November, I got a job as an EMT with Lake City Ambulance and moved out of my quaint little Winona home to a storage unit in Lake City with the help of my mom, Mark (mom’s SO) & my great/wonderful friend Aaron (who became my amazing boyfriend a little over a week after that). Don’t worry, I don’t live in the storage unit LOL. All my extra crap was left there and I’ve been living with my mom & Mark  ever since, going once a week for a 48-hour shift in Lake City and paying visits to the boyfriend and his family (and an AMAZING time at Aaron’s sister’s wedding with all his family thrown in the mix too!). I also applied to transfer to the U of M- Rochester going towards my Bachelors of Science in Health Science (BSHS, I know, a little redundant) after I come back so I’m anxiously waiting to hear back from them! #MedicalSchoolOrBust #MaybePASchool? I’m also going to be moving to Elgin, MN with Aaron and good friend, Dan! Yay, new everything 🙂

I still have my job at Lake City Ambulance and I couldn’t be happier that I’ll have my job when I come back. Everyone’s been so supportive, helpful, and kind to me through my entry training there (with all of the ups and downs of working in EMS), and I love my little rural EMS family ❤

Now that winter’s rolled around and my days left in Minnesota dwindle down before basic training, it’s all getting so real and a little scary! Not just the roads, at first, but me and another lovely friend are leaving for basic in 12 short days. All the waiting and stressing about it caught up to me and I have a cold, but I couldn’t be more thankful that it’s JUST a cold. #ThanksImmuneSystem. All in all 2015 has been a crazy ride with lots of ups and downs but I’ve made A LOT of amazing connections with all sorts of people, work and school. I’m really excited to see what this new year brings, but 4.5-5 months of it will be away at training so I have a really good feeling that this year is going to be jam packed with amazing new lessons and experiences. Cheers to the new year and I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, loving, and laughter filled 2016!

See you all later!

Arden ❤





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