Second Week: Separation Status Pt. 2

(Hey Friends! Thanks for bearing with me and reading about my crazy journey ❤ Welcome to the final chapter of this adventure, enjoy!)

Thursday passes without my name being called and I’m getting anxious because God knows I didn’t want to stay another weekend. There’s always all sorts of talk going around about how so many people are going home because x, y, and z so it was hard to not get sucked up in that and get hopes up. I definitely got my hopes up on Thursday and a little on Friday, but Friday was one big beautiful mess. Hold on, folks.

Thursday casually rolls by with the same stuff we usually did; appointments/being a wingman for stuff in squadron or out depending on what we needed, reading, cleaning, napping, talking, etc. Sometimes we cleaned with hand sanitizer.. it was weird. I forgot to mention they had cake in the DFAC so we wouldn’t get depressed, and it worked for the most part! The food was pretty good but Disneyland (new dorms) did it better, obvi. Some of the other girls and I (Whaddup Ardois & Elliott ❤ ) were getting so excited for morning to come so that stupid box could tell us who’s going home. We were pretty annoying with our hopefulness and optimism, but we didn’t caaare LOL. 🙂

Friday morning looms and we’re out the door to chow, where I damn near choked on my breakfast, because I was practically throwing it in my mouth hole so wingman & I could get back upstairs quick enough to be around for the box to make the morning call. We got back a solid 2 hours before the call so we just read and sat around until….The beep. We all RUSH, and I mean RUN to the doorway as soon as we hear anything come from that box and there’s probably 13-14 of us. We’re all hanging onto each other, I’m hanging onto Elliott like a cat on a wall, and the names get called…Only two and one of them wasn’t me. Of course I was hella disappointed but I thought “If not today, then Monday…no sweat”. I asked the other two to ask about me since I had signed my LON 2 days ago, of course no guarantees about finding out if I was actually supposed to go with them or not so I sat back down in my chair and continued with my book. Lo and behold, not even 10 minutes later, the two girls come back up and tell me I’m going home too but there was a delay in the sound system so my name didn’t come through. I was literally in denial. The first thing I thought was, “Oh yeah, I’m going to get packed and go downstairs where they’ll say ‘HAHA SIKE. NOT YET’ and make me come back up.” Thankfully that didn’t happen, but I still kept it in the back of my mind. After signing some stuff, a trip to clothing issue, changing to civilian clothes, lunch, a trip to the travel/finance/guard & reserve liason offices with some trainee escorts, we finally departed for the airport (with some stops on the way). After getting to the airport and parting with my friends, I was so excited to eat and get to my gate. I had a flight from San Antonio to Atlanta and then Atlanta to Minneapolis, and on the Air Force’s dime so I wasn’t about to miss my flights but I was getting hangry. My flight didn’t leave for another couple hours so I bought a Spotify Premium Membership and headphones along with Dove Chocolate, Grab-Bag of Cheez-Its, a bag of Lays Classic Tater Chips, and a bottle of Gatorade. Glorious. Around 10 hours later, I finally get to the airport and I tearfully greet my amazing boyfriend (Whaddup Aaron ❤ ).

It’s been amazing to have such an outpour of love and support from friends and family since it’s been a really interesting transition! Mostly good 🙂 I really learned a lot and grew just as much during this experience and I’m really thankful to have had the opportunity and courage to pursue it. It was hard to walk away but all the change is for the better and God is working so much in my life right now, it’s crazy!

Some “little” life updates: I’ll be going to school this summer starting MAY 31ST! 3 MONTHS AND 9 DAYS <3. Also trying to find a place to live with they boyfriend and one of our other friends, and finally getting into some connections that could bring me into Mayo Clinic. Life is good.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed the adventure! ❤




One thought on “Second Week: Separation Status Pt. 2”

  1. WOW , so many good opportunities to check out, Arden. We love your blog, Life, Love and Medical Gloves. You are a talented , expressive teller of adventurous tales, and mystery. Do you like to write and can consider that to be one of your avocations? Re next step in school: I hope you will join your mom, aunt Deborah, PJ and me in the medical field. Humanity needs you! Next installment please!! Love, your Nonna


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